Sunday, 12 December 2010


2nd time joining this huge motorshow,gotta admit this is really awesome although there is very few dissappoinment...For local car booth,sure they have many new ride to show including Proton Tuah,Jebat Lekir,Lekiu and Kasturi. Some of them are good but some of this tuner are very disappointing.Like Proton Jebat that take the model of Mitsubishi Lancer as their basic model and make a little bit of change.whts thst dude...daa..

For international car,hope to see many exotics from ferrari,but they only show 2 of their model..luckily Naza has brought their Masserati and Lamborghini plus Brabus to add some more exotics.ceitt!

Audi R8,awesome man!
Perodua Bezza
Proton Lekir
Proton Evolusi G,Malaysia Lambo
Nissan Gtr,My Fave
Lotus Esprit
Lamborghini Murchie'lago LP650
Bumblebee,Chevrolet Camaro 2009

DONE.Now let see some babes...haha:-)

Ferrari Italia

Hope the next motor show will be more awesome and excitement,anyway have a great experience attending this KLIMS '10 :-)