Friday, 15 October 2010


Paramore is coming to KL??!!!I want to go to that concert so fucking bad~DudE!its a big thing dude!want to go there but where im gonna find these bucks...hmm

Rockzone-RM358.00...damn front of the stage?thats why it takes 300+ bucks to get that ticks.My friend,Afiq the Spemel gonna be there this 18 Oct and he has the p1 aka rockzone ticket...oh nooo!!aFiq let me join you larh!!!

okay2 just get me the cheapest one lar..what 98 bucks??!!still no in my budget..damn its a debut concert for them..Afiq!just send my regards to hayley(voc paramore)...haha..enjoy the show my friend while im just staying at this U hearing their MP3..okeyla tu.PAramore is currentl my fav band..pop punk band that raise their popularity through the song decode,misery bussiness and crushcrushcrush....

Yeah!!just hoping they will come Malaysia next time...Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur 18 OCT at Bukit Jalil...Thats what you get when heard your heart with..ouhh!!!!


  1. aku minat lagu sepohon kayu..
    ko pun sama kan alolololol mie tu pun nak malu2 ngn aku (^_^)

  2. emg mint pon lgu sephn kyu tp versi paramore