Monday, 10 January 2011


The Social Network.Have u seen this movie?to me,its awesome and cool though there is no fighting2,kicking2 in the face or anything laaa...
If u are someone who like to critical thinking,this is suitable for u..just watch the movie.its good :-)

The story its about how the idea of facebook were created and the obstacle that Mark Zuckerberg has to face in expanding the facebook.
This movie were create base on a true story from the book "The Accidental Billionaire".

Cool. :-)

Heard a story that Facebook will shutdown it whole system on March 15 this year by weekly world news?
Well,dont trust that news easily because many are say its a HOAX!!

If u click the link that show the news that facebook will end this March,there also a story that Mike Tyson is a pigeon fancier,Michelle Obama is pregnant and alien spaceship are to attack earth in 2011.Who believe such thing.
Haha.How can such a big company shut down so easily.Dont believe easily such a news that come from one source haaa~
A wall post on the company's official profile said, "We didn't get the memo about shutting down, so we'll keep working away like always. We aren't going anywhere; we're just getting started."Good to hear that huh guys?
The fake story spread very fast on the internet and the news keep be linking from one to another on facebook and the other site.
Internet security firm Sophos took upon itself to dispel the hoax and generous helping of good humor. :-)
Most popular social network,Facebook